Trading Results

The program uses a systematic approach trading diversied portfolio of FX Cross Currencies and Metals CFDs.


Performance is under constant scrutiny and the overseeing team have a weekly review of the strategies to ensure they are appropriate for current market conditions.
All accounts are managed in the event of highly volatile news or a forecast for a specific instrument – this may be exiting that particular instrument, changing strategy or employing small levels of human discretionary trading to navigate less predictable, highly volatile conditions.

Result Guidelines

Disclaimer: the following guidelines are based on evidence of both live accounts and historical data however they should not be taken as guarantees of positive results. CFD products place your capital at risk and losses are possible. 8topuz makes no warranties that these guidelines are accurate for all clients in all market conditions.

Maximum Drawdown Estimates Annual Return
10% of total funds 20-24% p.a
20% of total funds 30-40% p.a
30% of total funds 48-70% p.a

The above table provides an indication, based on previous performance, of what annual returns may be achievable at varying levels of maximum drawdown.

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Data and information is provided for informational purposes only.
Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.